The next generation of computerized state of the art length controllers.

  • No memory loss during power failure
  • Automatic zero calibration
  • Modular Construction interfaces to devices such as DataMyte, PC's or industrial controllers

Our Mean Machine maximizes spring maker's profits by reducing scrap, improving quality and reducing labor costs.

Digital processing and software routines plus a temperature stabilized probe provide measuring accuracy of down to 0.0002". Our patented software program collects and analyzes in-process statistical data such as ranges, centering and randomness. True proportional correction is applied as required depending upon measured free length over or under relative to the mean target length dimension and previously measured lengths.

Results: "Smart" pitch adjustments produce the best spring length possible from a given coiler. Customer quote, "I have never seen this job run like this... 66,000 run and 14 sorted." Your customers receive parts closely grouped around a mean target length. X bar and R charting is valid since the center seeking algorithm typically provides normally distributed production.

Quick controller set-ups are made by push button setting including automatically zeroing the meter. Immediate feedback to the operator of each spring's free length reduces time spent verifying the target mean free length.

Results: Reduction in labor costs for you, the spring maker!

  • Temperature Stabilized Probe for Non-contact Capacitive Measuring
  • Push-buttons for Set-up and Zero
  • Direct Reading Freelength Display
  • Microprocessor Controlled Proportional Pitch Adjustment
  • Accurate Sorting to .0002"
  • Saves Set-up and Data on Power Down for up to five years
  • Built In Watchdog Timer
  • Push-button for Continuous Move of Controller Motor on Pitch
  • Available in 100,120, and 240 Volts; 50 or 60 Hz
  • Automatic Shut Off after specified number of sorted parts
  • Printer Interface for machine capability studies, in-process X bar and R charts with histograms, good/bad spring counts and set-up data
  • DataMyte Interface
  • Five Way Sorting
  • Personal Computer Interface

Each Mean Machine system includes an electronic gage module, a read switch assembly, a probe, and an extended probe tip. Accessories and modular options to further enhance spring manufacturing and sorting are available from Moyer Process & Control Co., Inc. Call for availability and pricing.

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