The Moyer Rotary Probe provides a faster and more accurate retractable probe system.

To meet speed and accuracy specifications, the Moyer design rotates the probe tip just enough to clear the spring but maintains the probe on a fixed axis. These specifications were met using a specially designed heavy duty probe mounted to an air rotary actuator.

After measurement, the rotary probe rotates away from the spring on a signal from the gage read switch. The amount of rotation and the rotation dwell time is adjustable. The probe returns to a cushioned stop, ready to take another reading. Set-up is quick and simple as the existing read switch is used for the probe and gage. The rotation dwell time is set with one control.

The probe automatically rotates out of the way if it is not cycled within five seconds. This feature prevents inadvertently hitting the probe tip on coiler start up.

The rotary probe holder is adaptable to all types and sizes of coilers. It can replace your existing probe and probe holder on the Merlin and Eurogage. It is also compatible with most other gaging systems.

  • Production speeds up to 90 springs per minute
  • Accuracy and repeatability better than +/- 0.001"
  • Probe automatically rotates out of the way if not cycled within five seconds
  • Adaptable to all types and sizes of coilers
  • Compatible with most gaging systems
  • Length of Probe Mounting Bracket: 12"
  • Length of Articulation Arm: 12"
  • Maximum Rotation of Probe: 180 degrees
  • Probe Cable Length: 11'
  • Weight of Total System: 10 lbs.
  • Air Requirements: 60/80 PSI to Moyer Supplied Regulator
    (25/40 PSI to Rotary Probe @ 0.32 CFM
  • Electrical: Supplied by Gage
  • Production Rate: 90 Springs per Minute
  • One Year Warranty
  • Extra output signal for sequencing another operation (such as escapement into a fixture)
  • Brush wipe for cleaning tip

The standard Rotary Probe includes a heavy duty probe, probe holder and rotary actuator. Additionally, a timer control, air regulator, filter and oiler are also included. Accessories and modular options to further enhance spring manufacturing and sorting are available from Moyer Process & Control Co., Inc. Call for availability and pricing.


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