Model T-120

A computerized test machine for setting, checking and sorting springs for one, two or three loads, with testing rates up to thirty springs per minute.

Springs are loaded automatically or by hand into a carrier containing six slots which accommodates a range of diameters from 0.375" to 2.125". The carrier is indexed by a stepper motor to position each spring under an air cylinder set and load checking ram. After positioning a spring, the carrier is backed up according to data from the computer so that nothing is touching the spring during testing.

The standard machine has four active stations:

  • Load spring
  • Set spring
  • Test load
  • Sort spring

Springs can be sorted into three or five different categories. The standard unit has room for two additional stations.

  • Load cell accuracy to 0.05% of full scale of load cell rating
  • Load ram accuracy to +/- 0.0003"
  • Dynamic timing reduces outside noise factors
  • SPC data and R&R studies
  • Computerized program provides fast set-up and storage of six jobs
  • Menu driven software easy for operator to learn and use
  • Test sequence of stations controlled by computer program customized for each job
  • Load calibration and set-up by computer
  • Load cell interchangeable from 10# to 250#
  • Accepts Moyer Automatic Loading Systems
Capacity: Maximum OD 2.125 inches
Maximum length 6.375 inches
Maximum length to OD Ratio 3:1 L/OD
Minimum load cell size 10 pounds
Maximum load cell size 250 pounds
Maximum set load 500 pounds - 3" bore/80 PSI
Production speed Up to 1,800 per hour
Mechanical: Carrier Drive 9:1 Gear Box Driven by 34 Size 1 Stack Stepper Motor
Load Ram mechanism 2" Bore and 2" to 6" of stroke
Set Ram mechanism 3" Bore and 2" to 6" of stroke
Carrier speed Software controlled
Carrier acceleration Software controlled
Carrier position Software controlled
Ram activation Software controlled
Ram speed control Snubbers
Size: Machine Only 23.5" wide x 17" deep x 48.5" high
Machine weight 300 pounds
Computer stand 18" wide x 24" deep x 50" high
Computer stand weight 150 pounds
Carrier diameter 12"
Carrier height from floor 35"
Computer System: Industrial quality compatible computer with QWERTY keypad, hard disk drive, color VGA LCD display, two serial ports, one parallel port and two slot bus expander computer. Also uses Moyer interface card with Moyer task board and related hardware housed in steel enclosure.
Power Requirements: Compressed Air 2 to 1 CFM at 85 PSI to 125 PSI
Voltage 117 VAC @ 50/60 Hz
Current 0.5 Amps to 60 Amps
Options: Extra set station
Extra load station
Extra load cells
3-way sorting chute
5-way sorting chute
Automatic loading

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