About Us

MOYER’S success and good standing in the spring industry is the byproduct of both our products and our service. This directive is to formalize our philosophy concerning service. It is intended to form the framework for decision making and schedule resolution. Service is required when equipment fails to meet its original design specifications. R&D and/or product enhancements are separate from service and of a lower priority.

1. Service takes priority over sales. We understand that generally, the failure of existing on-line capital equipment has a greater negative impact than the delay of new equipment.

2. Mission essential service takes priority over deferrable or upgrade service. The goal is to keep manufacturing whenever possible, minimizing down time for the customer.

3. When possible, mission essential and deferrable service in the same general geographic area may be combined for economy. Customers benefit through lower service expenses.

4. In general, warranty service takes priority over non-warranty service.

5. MOYER designs use stock, off the shelf, components where possible. MOYER stocks most likely needed parts. In most cases, we have the parts we need in stock, but sometimes the part we need may not be in stock. When this happens, we will attempt to work around the problem until the correct parts arrive.

6. When requested, MOYER will provide a list of expendable wear parts with pricing for customers who wish to pre-stock spares.

7. MOYER provides service to the component whenever possible. MOYER’S charges are determined by actual costs of time, parts, and expenses. By careful planning MOYER has kept its costs well below the norm compared to other similar high-tech field service. Our goal it to make a living not a killing. We would rather you spend your money on additional new equipment (hopefully ours).

8. MOYER attempts to provide mission essential service next day or 2nd-day so long as we have parts and manpower available (weekends and holidays not counted). Moyer service is subject to delays occasioned by prior commitments, strikes, fire or by any other causes beyond our reasonable control, including delays in delivery of material by our suppliers. About 90% of mission essential service is taken care of in three working days or less.

9. MOYER always attempts to work with its customers to arbitrate service conflicts. We at MOYER are dependent on, and therefore desire to improve the overall economic health of the spring industry.