Picture of Merlin Freelance Gage

Innovative design features establish new standards for accuracy, increased percentage of good parts, real time operator data, and scrap reduction.

Merlin combines the proven features of other Moyer gages with new system technology and enhanced data presentation. We’ve improved user friendliness and added additional scrap reduction programs too.

Externally, you’ll notice that Merlin features a bigger data screen. Now you’ll see all data presented in a single graphic display… no screen switching. And thanks to its brighter image, an operator can read the display from a broader viewing angle. Indicator lights for sorting and adjusting have also been added to the front panel.

Internally, Merlin’s intelligence makes it even easier to set up and control spring production. Moyer’s proven free length control technology has been enhanced to automatically modify the control algorithm for particular coiling patterns. As a result, merlin will measure, control, and sort production at over 80,000 springs per hour. Higher sorting speeds require the moyer 2 way high speed sorting chute. At full speed, it may be necessary to kick out an addition spring or two to ensure getting the bad spring.

Call today to find out how you can use a Merlin gage free for one month’s spring production. You’ll be hooked. And when you purchase Merlin, you get a one year warranty on all electronics and free lifetime program upgrades. Spring gaging has never been easier. Nothing compares.

Patented Pitch Adjustments:
Merlin predicts the length of the spring to be coiled based on past statistics and trends. The pitch is modified until spring lengths fall within prediction.

Other Features: 
– Sorting Accuracy to 0.0002″ or Better
– Coiling Speeds in Excess of 80,000/Hr
– Temperature Stabilized Probe
– Two, Three and Five-way Sorting
– Automatic Zero Calibration
– Connects Directly to Data Collectors, PCs and Printers
– Built-In Rotary Probe Signal
– Prints Complete Statistical Reports
– Saves Set Up and Accumulated Data During Power Loss
– Automatic Sampling

– 5.7 Diagonal Color Display
– Friendly Operator Set Up Controls
– X-Bar and Range Data
– 5 Piece Moving Average
– 3 Sigma and CPK
– Free Length of Individuals
– Number of Good and Sorted Parts
– Production Speed
– Time To Completion
– Histogram
– All in Different Languages

Power Source: 90 to 260 Volts (50 or 60 Hertz)
Current: 0.5 Amps to 6 Amps
Gage Dimensions: 7″ High x 11.75″ Wide x 11″ Deep
(178 mm x 299 mm x 280 mm)

Each Merlin system includes an electronic gage module, a read switch assembly, a probe, and an extended probe tip. Accessories to further enhance spring manufacturing and sorting are available from Moyer Process & Control Co., Inc.

MERLIN Gage with color display: $4,400. Some accessories sold separately.

Call for volume pricing